Jinta Terabaru KAirai Ban Ban / Zoku Ohara-Bushi Heads Up

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February 16, 2024
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HIPHOP folk 'Zoku Ohara Bushi' makes a splash in the latest Japanese groove trend. The illest 7-inch vinyl of 'HIPHOP from under the bridge' created by Jinta Terabaru and DJ Hazu. A sequel to Kagoshima Ohara-bushi, a HIPHOP folk song, Ohara-bushi is a sequel to Kagoshima Ohara-bushi, which is giving a new blow to the recent Japanese fashion boom. And the most crazy donut board of Hashishita HIPHOP created by Bato and Jinta Terahara. [Nanbu style] A new folk song unit consisting of southern Kyushu folk instrument Gottan player Jinta Terahara and creative Japanese drum Takarotti. A brand new indigenous performing art from southern Kyushu that mixes Kodankowa, classical folk songs, punk rock, and HIPHOP, and has gained explosive popularity at the Hashimoto World Music Festival, and has become popular not only underground but also at neighborhood festivals. , Currently active all over the country, including the National Theater and huge festivals. A donut board project based on such a southern style. Both sides are B-sides expressing gratitude to HIPHOP, the musical environment in which he grew up. The track for 'Kairai Bang Bang,' a song about puppeteers who move giant puppets, was created by Nagoya's Marley Marl, Il Mariachi, Obligato, and Saikyoujutsuji Bato, a lone originator who has captivated heads for many years. TWIGY, a legendary rapper who has had a great influence on the HIPHOP scene and is worthy of the title of genius, has a new and nostalgic HIPHOP shit that is of good quality, with shouts and sharp scratches. And a special edition that changes the analog version of the much-talked-about work 'Heads Up Zoku Ohara Bushi' between Kagoshima's lone Originator Beat Grand Prix first champion owlbeats and JPa. Kachillwired, whose rap is known as a jazzman. LISTEN: https://youtu. #be/EMey2vpmCQoTrack list:Side A: Kairai Ban Ban (Dedicated to Old Man Aki)Side B: Zoku Ohara-bushi (Heads Up)

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