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Jennah Barry -Holiday

Jennah Barry


Release date: August 28, 2020
Format: LP Album
On the south shore of Nova Scotia, in a house she helped build, Jennah Barry wrote, arranged, and recorded the songs that comprise Holiday, her second album. With Colin Nealis, her 'greatest musical partner''and partner in life'she made the album in 20-minute pockets, whenever their brand-new daughter would sleep, resulting in a piece of art that's focused, delicate, of its own time while seemingly of one past. ' ' It's been in progress a long while'the title is a hallmark of Barry's trademark wit'and the truth of that progress is found in the gentle mundanity of everyday spiked with big life events like vocal surgery, and a baby. The truth is, Barry simply needed the time. 'I make Grand Canyons in my brain I can't escape,' she says. 'The only time I can write about it is when I find a way out. The whole record is about ruminating.' Like all of Barry's work, Holiday is intimate and intricate, timeless and universal'it sounds like it could've come out of Joni Mitchell's Laurel Canyon as well as the one Jenny Lewis inhabits now.'
  • 1.No Dancer
  • 2.Roller Disco
  • 3.The Real Moon
  • 4.Big Universe
  • 5.Are You Dreaming?
  • 6.Rocket
  • 7.I See Morning
  • 8.Pink Grey Blue
  • 9.Stop the Train
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28 August 2020 / More records