Jello Biafra Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors

Release date:
May 3, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

*ORIGINALLY FROM 1989 AND BACK IN PRINT ON LIMITED COLORED VINYL AFTER NEARLY 20 YEARS!!! The album-length result of Biafra's collaboration with long-time associates D.O.A. for the super soundtrack of Terminal City Ricochet! Both DKs and D.O.A. began playing music in the same week of 1978, so perhaps this project was bound to happen. It sure seems like it... "... a roaring rock record that puts [Biafra's] trademark whiny vocals and songs to D.O.A.'s meat-and-cojones guitar power. Through a half-dozen numbers like 'Wish I Was in El Salvador,' 'Attack of the Peacekeepers' and the epic 'Full Metal Jackoff,' Last Scream proudly re-hoists the DK flag in all but name." - Trouser Press

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