Jeff Rosenstock Hellmode (Clear, Black, White & Pink Splatter)

Release date:
June 21, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Jeff Rosenstock makes increasingly chaotic albums for an increasingly chaotic world. With each passing year, it feels like the temperature of the universe boils five degrees hotter, and with each new album, Rosenstock's music grows more unwieldy and lawless. Louder, faster, more feral. Which brings us to 2023-a planet on fire, a mere 90 seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock, and the release of Rosenstock's appropriately titled, anarchic record, HELLMODE.

  • 1. Will U Still U
  • 2. Head
  • 3. Liked U Better
  • 4. Doubt
  • 5. Future Is Dumb
  • 6. Soft Living
  • 7. Healmode
  • 8. Life Admin
  • 9. I Wanna Be Wrong
  • 10. Graveyard Song
  • 11. 3 Summers

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