Jason Van Wyk Descendants

Release date:
October 21, 2022
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Descendants is the fifth full-length from South African ambient producer Jason van Wyk. It's an album that seethes with a fabulousness that blends well with the nearly all-encompassing viscosity. The opener All This Time is the perfect opening statement with its washes of sound and propelling beats sewn together with perfection. Descendants then rides aural peaks and valleys with moments of texturally rewarding pastoral minimalism ascending to ephemeral moments of maximal expanse. It is apparent that van Wyk's soundtrack work has seriously impacted his personal, more emotional output, and with Descendants, he has genuinely perfected his music into something special. Descendants is out on October 21st on limited edition white vinyl. 01 All This Time 02 Erasure 03 Undoing 04 Reach 05 Past 06 Glimpse 07 Held Still 08 Surface Drone

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