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Jared Emerson-Johnson -The Walking Dead: The Telltale Soundtrack

Jared Emerson-Johnson

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Soundtrack (4xLP)

Release date: March 27, 2020
Label: Iam8Bit
The BAFTA award-nominated soundtrack for all 4 seasons of the award-winning game series.Each disc includes a selection of the best songs, with over 70 total for the combined set.The Walking Dead OST was composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson, who has composed soundtracks for over 30 games including Sam & Max, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From the Borderlands, Batman: The Telltale Series in addition to TWDG.
  • 1.A1 Clementine Suite
  • 2.A2 Terror Mysterious
  • 3.A3 Fathers and Sons
  • 4.A4 Family Ties
  • 5.A5 Lights Out
  • 6.A6 Division
  • 7.A7 Bitter Revenge
  • 8.B1 Long Road Ahead
  • 9.B2 Training Clementine
  • 10.B3 Refractions
  • 11.B4 Dark Rooms
  • 12.B5 No Time Left
  • 13.B6 What a View
  • 14.B7 Passages
  • 15.B8 the Gauntlet
  • 16.B9 Prison Bus
  • 17.B10 Escape in the Car
  • 18.B11 Flashlights
  • 19.B12 Hiding in the Corn
  • 20.B13 Go Fish
  • 21.C1 Truck Stop
  • 22.C2 Solitude
  • 23.C3 Wandering
  • 24.C4 Scavenging Survival
  • 25.C5 Bound for Glory
  • 26.C6 Finding Food
  • 27.C7 the Valley of the Shadow
  • 28.C8 All That Remains
  • 29.C9 My Name Is Clementine
  • 30.C10 Standoff
  • 31.C11 Sarah's Song
  • 32.C12 Snooping Stranger
  • 33.C13 Moonstar Lounge
  • 34.C14 Carver
  • 35.D1 Escape Plans
  • 36.D2 Carver's Cruelty
  • 37.D3 Stay or Go
  • 38.D4 Jane
  • 39.D5 Fireside
  • 40.D6 Auto Repair
  • 41.D7 Jane Worries
  • 42.D8 Clem Awake
  • 43.D9 Snowbound
  • 44.D10 the End of It All
  • 45.E1 a New Frontier Opening Titles
  • 46.E2 Whispers from the Past
  • 47.E3 a New Frontier
  • 48.E4 Kate
  • 49.E5 Above the Law Opening Titles
  • 50.E6 David the Father
  • 51.E7 David's Plan
  • 52.F1 David's Dilemma
  • 53.F2 Revenge or the Deal
  • 54.F3 Dominoes
  • 55.F4 Kate's Regrets
  • 56.F5 Brother, Father, Husband, Son
  • 57.F6 Beyond the Frontier
  • 58.G1 Done Running
  • 59.G2 Alvin Junior
  • 60.G3 Ericson's
  • 61.G4 Violet
  • 62.G5 Plans Change
  • 63.G6 Aj
  • 64.G7 the Raiders
  • 65.G8 Lilly Returns
  • 66.G9 McCarroll Ranch
  • 67.H1 Louis
  • 68.H2 Minerva
  • 69.H3 the Chimes
  • 70.H4 James
  • 71.H5 the Parable of the Twins
  • 72.H6 Angry Aj
  • 73.H7 Thank You
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