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Loraine James -For You And I

Loraine James

For You And I

Release date: September 20, 2019
Label: Hyperdub
London producer Loraine James grew up hearing everything from steel pan music to Metallica, jazz and electronica to drill and grime, and the results of this exposure can be heard on a rhythmically free flowing and sprawling album, with melodies evolving into rippling keys, feeling like a live jam with a jazz mentality, contrasting delicate with abrasive. Opener 'Glitch B****' brandishes swirling textures with undulating keys and compressed percussion. 'So Scared's glitched percussion and syncopated dub bass builds to a frantic meltdown melody. 'London Ting // Dark As F***' explores darker production with vocalist Le3 BLACK's verses over the skeletal track. 'Sensual' reflects on intimacy with singer Theo capturing gentle love over ethereal keys and scattered glitches. The title track is also the most colourful, it's ecstatic and effusive chaos driven by fervent synths expressing elation and joy, while 'My Future' is a more reflective moment, where warping synths wash in and out with compressed kicks. 'For You And I' is a deeply intimate offering, expressing happiness, anxiety, sensuality and fear through a vivid sound palette and experimental sense of rhythm.
  • 1.Glitch Bitch [Explicit]
  • 2.London Ting // Dark As Fuck [Explicit]
  • 3.So Scared [Explicit]
  • 4.Hand Drops
  • 5.Sensual
  • 6.For You and I
  • 7.My Future [Explicit]
  • 8.Scraping My Feet
  • 9.Sick 9
  • 10.Vowel // Consonant
  • 11.Words Ears Mouth
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20 September 2019 / More records