James Horner - Back To Titanic Original Soundtrack

James Horner

Back To Titanic Original Soundtrack (2xLP)

Release date: September 14, 2018
Syle: Soundtracks
Back to Titanic is the second soundtrack album released for the award winning movie Titanic. Composer James Horner created a new suite of light and dark music to represent the 'soul' of his music. The inspiration they used to compose the original score formed the basis of the new pieces Horner developed for this soundtrack. It contains a piano solo performed by James Horner in 'The Portrait' and also newly recorded suites by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Choristers of King's College. The first highlight is the 19 minute clocking opening suite, which captures the essence of the film. The other big suite is the final track, called 'Epilogue - The Deep and Timeless Sea'. James Horner returns to the main Titanic theme in a subtle way, honouring the losses of the disaster. The Back to Titanic package includes a 4 page booklet, replica's of the original Titanic launch card and boarding pass and got a gatefold sleeve with metallic embossing. Back to Titanic is available on vinyl for the first time and pressed on 5.000 numbered copies on gold vinyl.

  • 1. Titanic Suite
  • 2. An Irish Party in Third Class - Gaelic Storm
  • 3. Alexander's Ragtime Band - I. Salonisti
  • 4. The Portrait - James Horner
  • 5. Jack Dawson's Luck
  • 6. A Building Panic
  • 7. Nearer My God to Thee - I. Salonisti
  • 8. Come Josephine, in My Flying Machine - Maire Brennan
  • 9. Lament
  • 10. A Shore Never Reached
  • 11. My Heart Will Go on (With Dialogue from the Film) - Celine Dion
  • 12. Nearer My God to Thee - Eileen Ivers
  • 13. Epilogue - the Deep and Timeless Sea
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