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Jake Blount - The New Faith

Jake Blount

The New Faith (2xLP)

Release date: January 06, 2023
The New Faith tells an Afrofuturist story set in a far-future world devastated by climate change. Jake Blount and his collaborators embody a group of Black climate refugees as they perform a religious service, invoking spirituals that are age-old even now, familiar in their content but extraordinary in their presentation. These songs, which have seen Black Americans through countless struggles, bind this future community together and their shared past; beauty and power held in song through centuries of devastation, heartbreak, and loss.
  • 1. Take Me to the Water / Prayer
  • 2. The Downward Road
  • 3. Didn't It Rain
  • 4. Tangle Eye Blues
  • 5. Parable
  • 6. Death Have Mercy
  • 7. City Called Heaven
  • 8. They Are Waiting for Me
  • 9. Psalms
  • 10. Just As Well Get Ready, You Got to Die
  • 11. Give Up the World
  • 12. Once There Was No Sun
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