Jaffa Kid Passing Signals

Release date:
March 24, 2023
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"Passing Signals" is the Suction Records label debut of The Jaffa Kid, aka UK producer Daniel Pringle. Over the past few years, The Jaffa Kid has been building up a strong following amongst braindance/d'n'b/acid heads, with killer releases on labels like 030303, Altered Sense, Utter, and his 2 standout "anonymous" WH03 and WH09 EPs on the Withhold label series. From the melody-drenched 303 acid of "Olyqu" and "Xom", to the Bochum Welt-style electro vibes of "Ief" and "Tropet", it was clearly just a matter of time before The Jaffa Kid appeared on Suction. With these 8 carefully curated tracks, Suction Records delivers 8 tracks of timeless melodic electronics, and surely the most solid The Jaffa Kid release to date, in our books! Available digitally, and on limited vinyl LP in a reverse board jacket - includes a Bandcamp download card inside.

  • 1. Olyqu
  • 2. Ief
  • 3. Globbi
  • 4. Renumb
  • 5. Exa
  • 6. Tropet
  • 7. Xom
  • 8. Octaxonagonn

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