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Jaffa Kid - Passing Signals

Jaffa Kid

Passing Signals

Release date: March 24, 2023
"Passing Signals" is the Suction Records label debut of The Jaffa Kid, aka UK producer Daniel Pringle. Over the past few years, The Jaffa Kid has been building up a strong following amongst braindance/d'n'b/acid heads, with killer releases on labels like 030303, Altered Sense, Utter, and his 2 standout "anonymous" WH03 and WH09 EPs on the Withhold label series. From the melody-drenched 303 acid of "Olyqu" and "Xom", to the Bochum Welt-style electro vibes of "Ief" and "Tropet", it was clearly just a matter of time before The Jaffa Kid appeared on Suction. With these 8 carefully curated tracks, Suction Records delivers 8 tracks of timeless melodic electronics, and surely the most solid The Jaffa Kid release to date, in our books! Available digitally, and on limited vinyl LP in a reverse board jacket - includes a Bandcamp download card inside.
  • 1. Olyqu
  • 2. Ief
  • 3. Globbi
  • 4. Renumb
  • 5. Exa
  • 6. Tropet
  • 7. Xom
  • 8. Octaxonagonn
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