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Jackson Browne Jackson Browne

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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50 years since its release, Jackson Browne’s self-titled debut album, Jackson Browne, is now available on Vinyl and CD in its original packaging with newly remastered audio. The 180-gram vinyl and CD packages have the texture of the original (burlap water bag) along with the water sleeve vinyl cover, and includes a lyric sheet insert.

  • 1. Jamaica Say You Will
  • 2. A Child In These Hills
  • 3. Song For Adam
  • 4. Doctor My Eyes
  • 5. From Silver Lake
  • 6. Something Fine
  • 7. Under The Falling Sky
  • 8. Looking Into You
  • 9. Rock me On The Water
  • 10. My Opening Farewell

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