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Jacknife Lee - The Studio

Jacknife Lee

The Studio

Release date: March 27, 2020
Bibi came to the studio for a few hours one day and we did two songs The Studio and That's What All Boys Do. She's fantastic, really intuitive, sharp and speedy. I had some of the beat and groove and we talked about her journey to the States and this song pretty much summed up the conversation. I felt it needed another vocal flavor and met Barny Fletcher, the dynamo. From the moment we met he never stopped singing and rapping and i put this in front of him". "The day after Bibi came to Topanga, Earl St Clair showed. They know each other. Earl has a wild energy and tone to his voice that i love. I had the beat ready and had also become obsessed with Attica Blues by Archie Shepp. I wanted I'm Getting Tired to reach the same level of intensity. I had worked with Beth Ditto on her last record and asked her to sing on this. She has a voice like no other, punk gospel. I'm so proud of this one.
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27 March 2020 / More records