Isaac Delusion Lost & Found

Release date:
February 2, 2024
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Isaac Delusion is back with a 4th album: "Lost and Found". The group continues it's constant musical evolution and ascent without ever losing it's unique vocal imprint and it's signature airy pop musicality. For the first time, the project has opened up to outside musicians and producers. The participation of LUCASV, architect of Disiz's latest album, on 6 tracks of the album, bears witness to this. Conceived, composed and written in the aftermath of the confinement, 'Lost and Found' is a breath of fresh air, renewal and spellbinding tracks. A promise of escapism and daydreaming, the magic, sometimes sunny, sometimes melancholy, works more than ever.

  • 1. Let Her Go
  • 2. Internet
  • 3. 50 50
  • 4. Premonitions
  • 5. Lost and Found
  • 6. All Day
  • 7. HVN
  • 8. Que Pour Toi
  • 9. Valse
  • 10. Everyone Is Dreaming

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