Ironflame Kingdom Torn Asunder - Galaxy

Release date:
July 26, 2024
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Since the eighties, Cleveland has always been a hotspot for great heavy metal music. Ohio-based Andrew D'Caga continues this tradition in true style. Over the past years, the multi-instrumentalist has been active in more than half a dozen bands, among them Brimstone Coven and Icarus Witch. His main priority, however, is his own project Ironflame, for which he writes the music, lyrics, handles all the instruments and sings. Originally formed in 2016, Ironflame have released four full-length records to great critical acclaim and fantastic fan reactions. 2017's »Lightning Strikes The Crown« was followed by »Tales Of Splendor And Sorrow« (2018), »Blood Red Victory« (2020) and their High Roller debut »Where Madness Dwells« (2022). And now it's time for the brand new studio album bearing the name of »Kingdom Torn Asunder«.

  • 1. Blood and Honor
  • 2. Soul Survivors
  • 3. Majesty of Steel
  • 4. Mistress of Desire
  • 5. Standing Tall
  • 6. Sword of a Thousand Truths
  • 7. Riding the Dragons
  • 8. Shadow of the Reaper
  • 9. Cold Flesh Falls
  • 10. Exile of the Sun

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