Iron Savior Firestar (Orange)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Get ready to witness the blazing power of Iron Savior'S latest album "Firestar." Packed with astonishing guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and epic melodies, this release takes the band's signature power metal sound to new heights. The unexpected creative surge during the recording process has resulted in a collection of eleven outstanding songs that surpass even their impressive predecessor. From the lightning-fast intensity of the title track to the emotionally charged lyrics of "Through The Fires Of Hell" Iron Savior delivers a masterpiece that will ignite the hearts of metal fans worldwide. Don't miss out on this bonfire of pure metal energy!

  • 1. Side A
  • 2. The Titan
  • 3. Curse of the Machinery
  • 4. In the Realm of Heavy Metal
  • 5. Demise of the Tyrant
  • 6. Firestar
  • 7. Through the Fires of Hell
  • 8. Side B
  • 9. Mask, Cloak and Sword
  • 10. Across the Wastelands
  • 11. Rising from Ashes
  • 12. Nothing Is Forever
  • 13. Together As One

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