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July 14, 2023
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Not much is known about Iris from the Stuttgart / Esslingen area. In 1981, the seven-member band recorded their only album for the small label PEAK, which of course did not have the financial means to mainstream Iris. In addition, the sophisticated yet sometimes hard rocking stuff sounded like what is generally called, or can be called, Krautrock. Thus, a push towards the NDW style that was in vogue at the time was absolutely out of the question. The transition from the late seventies to the early eighties was musically extremely exciting, even in Germany. Iris stuck stylistically more to the seventies, which will bring them new fans posthumously today with this re-release. Also in the hard rock and heavy metal scene there are more and more young bands playing with the sound aesthetics that can also be heard on "Iris". An "outdated sound" is becoming modern again. The CD and LP comes with liner notes by expert Michael Lörber. In addition, all components of the album, including the lyric sheet, were scanned and added. The audio transfer was done by Patrick Engel (Sony Music, High Roller, etc.), the remastering was done by Neudi. A piece of German rock history that will not be forgotten in the future!

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