Inferno Psychic Distance

Release date:
November 24, 2023
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1993 was certainly not the best period for traditional heavy metal. INFERNO, from Florida, may have tended towards American prog metal, but this style too was struggling to establish itself in the face of grunge, crossover and other modern trends, all of which, unlike traditional metal, eventually disappeared from the scene. True metal fans were nonetheless pleased that the new Massacre Records label was releasing quality metal from the likes of Mystik, Forte, Ritual, Winter's Bane and INFERNO. Those who discovered "Psychic Distance" at the time are still raving about the album to this day... Without Massacre Records, INFERNO from Jacksonville, Florida, founded in 1988, would today be a band with just three cassette releases. The first demo was released in 1992, followed by the album "Psychic Distance", released only on cassette for budgetary reasons. In 1995, another demo called "Architect" followed, and has become just as "famous" in underground circles over the years. Both fomats have their unique features! The LP represents the very first vinyl release of "Psychic Distance". The CD contains, in addition to the remastered album, the aforementioned "Achitect" demo, mastered from the original DAT tape. A recent interview with two members of the former band fills exciting liner notes, as do many rare photos to be seen (CD booklet and LP insert). American metal fans will love this release!

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