Indian Askin Lonely Citizen

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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Indian Askin is multi-instrumentalist and producer Nelson "Chino" Ayala. In 2020, the previous band formation announced it's breakup, leaving Nelson at a pivotal turning point musically, and more broadly, in life, to determine what came next. Over the next couple of years, Ayala grappled with issues of loss, addiction, coping with pain, relationships gone awry, and relationships anew. He also experimented more sonically, spending countless hours in the studio jamming with friends and using (Covid) boredom as an incubator for creativity. The result of this time period is Lonely Citizen, Indian Askin's third album. Lonely Citizen finds Nelson exploring his own personal story in perhaps the band's most intimate work to date. Musically, he nods to his Latin roots, with a focus on percussion and groove being a thread through both the A- and B-sides of the record. Simultaneously, the lyrics find Ayala taking a magnifying glass to his personal reflections on his hometown, Amsterdam. He says on the album, "It's about feeling sick and tired, and maybe even ashamed, of the place I grew up in and what it's become. And especially what I've become while living my life here. I was born in this machine and I will forever be a part of it, yes. I just can't shake the feeling that I need to leave this noise behind."

  • 1. Possessed
  • 2. Love & Light
  • 3. Levitate
  • 4. I Like Boys
  • 5. The Deal
  • 6. Houdini
  • 7. Gloomy
  • 8. Eleven
  • 9. Nowhere
  • 10. You've Got Mail
  • 11. Handsome
  • 12. Stranger

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