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Inanimate Existence - Clockwork

Inanimate Existence


Release date: May 17, 2019
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. Risen from the sunny Bay Area of California, Inanimate Existence continues to prove to the world that they are one of the most diverse, innovative, and productive acts to come from the death metal scene in many years. With 4 studio albums since 2012 and the fifth to be released May 10th via The Artisan Era Records entitled Clockwork their sound continues to evolve using the varying attributes of many sub genres that build a truly one of a kind discography. From the relentless beat down of BDM, to the soft spacey feel of jazz fusion, into the evil strumming triads of black metal intertwined with acoustic and instrumental tracks, every album creates an atmosphere all it's own. After many musicians have come and gone, the core of the group still remains with founding members Cameron Porras and Ron Casey and long time bassist Scott Bradley. Their newest full length, Clockwork will be the second album done with only 3 members and will showcase the trio's ability to work as a tight group to produce fresh music unlike any other group today.
  • 1. Clockwork
  • 2. Voyager
  • 3. Apophenia
  • 4. Desert
  • 5. Solitude
  • 6. Diagnosis
  • 7. Ocean
  • 8. Liberation
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17 May 2019 / More records