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Ina Forsman -Been Meaning To Tell You

Ina Forsman

Been Meaning To Tell You

Release date: February 15, 2019
Label: Ruf
Format: 180 gram
She's full of surprises. Try Every Single Beat, with it's Latin rhythms and a lyric that Ina hopes will let you "feel the moment and stop being so goddamn concerned what other people are thinking". Try Chains, with it's throbbing percussion and gang-chant vocals. Even when she writes a love song, Ina twists the template, with Whatcha Gonna Do and Why You Gotta Be That Way giving two perspectives on sexual harassment. "The first song tells the situation from a man's point of view," she explains. "He sees a beautiful girl, tries to get her attention and ends up making some fucked-up decisions. The second song tells the story from the girl's point of view: she just wants to carry on with her stuff but this dude won't leave her alone." It all ends with the stunning Sunny - a smoky acapella masterclass, written entirely by Ina, that sends you off into the world with goosebumps, ready to spread the word about this extraordinary artist. Been Meaning To Tell You is the second album that you hoped Ina Forsman was capable of - and then some. Let us all be thankful that she lost her phone
  • 1.Be My Home
  • 2.Get Mine
  • 3.All Good
  • 4.Genius
  • 5.Whatcha Gonna Do
  • 6.Why You Gotta Be That Way
  • 7.Miss Mistreated
  • 8.Figure
  • 9.Who Hurt You
  • 10.Every Single Beat
  • 11.Chains
  • 12.Sunny
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15 February 2019 / More records