Immy Owusu Lo-Life!

Release date:
July 14, 2023
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Immy Owusu's debut LP LO-LIFE! Draws on the work of West African giants such as Ebo Taylor and William Onyeabor as well as psychedelic troubadours like Rodriguez. Immy's sound, which he describes as "lo-fi highlife" is a synthesis of his Ghanaian roots and his own experiences growing up in coastal Australia. Immanuel Kwabena Dreessens-Owusu grew up in two worlds: the sea bleached lifestyle of Torquay and the Surf Coast with it's rock n roll soundtrack, and the musical heritage of his Ghanaian / Dutch family. Immy's father Kojo Noah Owusu is one of Australia's best regarded West African musicians and his grandfather Koo Nimo is a legend of Ghanaian Highlife and Palm Wine music active since the 1960s. From them Immy learned Asanti music and it's instruments, added a fuzz pedal and began to experiment. LO-LIFE! #was live-tracked with an all-star band, featuring members of Surprise Chef, Karate Boogaloo and The Senegambian Jazz Band. Immy's voice, singing in both English and Twi, is commanding throughout the record while the band weaves it's magic around him. Immy's delicate fingerpicked electric guitar dances around, anchored by Lachlan Stuckey's hypnotic riffs on the second guitar, Henry Jenkins' pulsing bass and Julius Sackey's deft drums. Jethro Curtin's quirky monosynth leads take center stage when Immy isn't leading and Kojo blesses the sessions with Kpanlogo drum rhythms, Akan drum appellations and a rambunctious talking drum overdubs that interject and comment throughout. The final touch is provided by the powerful backing vocals of Kuukua Acquah, Pia Nesvara, Izzy Adjei and Julius Sackey.

  • 1. Appellation of Elevation
  • 2. Flashback
  • 3. Holy Shoulders
  • 4. The World Is Here for You
  • 5. What a Love
  • 6. Sunsum Dware
  • 7. Nyame Kasa
  • 8. Right with No Wrong
  • 9. Palm Wine Elixir

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