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February 9, 2024
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Oceanvs Orientalis and Ilhan Ersahin first entered each other's orbits by chance at a performance at Turkey's Cappadox Festival in 2018. Oceanvs Orientalis is renowned for his fusion of Eastern musical motifs and traditions with cutting-edge electronica while Ilhan Ersahin has long plowed a unique path uniting assorted musical strains from around the world via an exploratory jazz-improv sensibility. Following two tracks ("Mesta" and "Pire") co-written by Ilhan and OvO and released as collaborations, and two more Ersahin/OvO co-writes ("Revenge Of The Wankers" and "Television") released under OvO's name alone, a fresh and exciting new song called "1980" now heralds a full-length collaboration slated to land in Spring 2024. The track's title hints at a certain nostalgic bent while still keeping its gaze firmly fixed on the future even as it evokes sun-drenched good times gone by. The single adds several extra versions, one of which spotlights the multi-instrumental mastery of Darkside's Dave Harrington while the other features the mesmerizing vocal stylings of Gaye Su Akyol. This single is the perfect soundtrack to the waning days of summer and truly whets the appetite for the full-length project these musical wizards have been busily concocting.

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