Ichliebelove Hyperherz (White)

Release date:
December 1, 2023
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Hyperherz is Ichliebelove's 3rd album for We Are Unique! After the inaugural psychedelic Life-enhancing solutions (2011) and the synthetic Wax and Wane (2015).Composed by Philippe Raimond and always performed with the help of Alice Champion on vocals, produced by Manuel Duval of the French band Rien Virgule and mastered in analog at the famous Berlin studio Calyx Mastering, Hyperherz is an end-of-the-world record, on which the machines give up the ghost and slowly drift towards a final bug. From this sonic maelstrom full of cracks and artifacts, the group draws amazing melodies, sometimes almost pop, to make unstoppable hits! We can cite the menacing rhythm of Had Some Good times which sounds like a terminally ill Console, the sick choirs of Like a trap whose noisy keyboards exhume a distant phantom of Broadcast, or even de la viande which summons Stereolab to the pagan feast of a sect whose guru Aphex Twin would celebrate the next apocalypse... It's a certainty: all those who linger on these titles will not come out unscathed. The group's most coherent and successful album, which will be a landmark in a unique and incomparable style.

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