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Iamx - Machinate



Release date: August 19, 2022
Machinate began as a series of innocuous livestream sessions during the 2020 COVID lockdowns. After being forced to cancel the world tour for Echo Echo (2020) IAMX was craving connection with his fans and had found a new obsession in modular synthesis. Bringing these points together in a moment of openness he spent a week livestreaming improvised work on modular synthesizers from his home studio in Pioneertown, CA. Immediately, the work held a life of its own, given to it by the beautiful unpredictability of the modular, and IAMX made the decision to release it as a formal project. Track Listing: 1. Art Bleeds Money 2. Disharmony As Vice 3. The Absolute Shall 4. Dyscalculia 5. Normal 6. Buy Fuck Die 7. Vulgar Divide 8. Electra Complex 9. Autist
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