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I Am Bones - Oaf

I Am Bones


Release date: February 16, 2020
10"" Vinyl.Except for one single "Gyps" back in 2016 the world has not heard from the Danish indie rock band I Am Bones in over a decade. At the beginning of the millennium I Am Bones released the two albums Wrong Numbers Are Never Busy (2005) and The Greater Good (2007) that got audiences and critics excited both in Denmark and the rest of Europe. Now, I Am Bones is finally back with an EP of four tracks that reflects the front man Johannes Gammelby's brilliant songwriting skills, musical craft and thorough genre knowledge. Oaf starts off with "Obstacle Course" - a catchy indie-tune with an epic chorus and a suitable nihilistic tone. "Anthropoid" is a machine that, without any warning, rumbles along with a no holds barred attitude. On "Pollination" the bands inspiration from the grunge and lo-fi music of the 90's is clear; yet, the song still has a unique sound and vibe to it. "Patient Zero" is soft and ruthless at the same time, which leaves the listener in the void that was established at the beginning of the EP, and hence "Patient Zero" is the perfect end to Oaf.
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16 February 2020 / More records