Hyu INaudible Works 1994-2008

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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This is a brilliant compilation of archived works by Hyu, a creator from Osaka who has left his works to the legendary Childisc label, which was presided over by the genius Nobukazu Takemura.16 songs in total, including a cover of Happy End's 'Kaze Wo Atsumete' (VINYL ONLY BONUS)!!This is an important archival release alongside Henry Kawahara, Surin Phaksiri, and Cycheouts, a compilation that deciphers the labyrinth of shocking works by Hyu, a creator from Osaka who released works on Nobukazu Takemura's Childisc and other labels from the mid-90s through the 2000s.The compositions are diverse and dazzlingly unique, including microtonal drum techno, robotic pop with human voice synthesis technology, shredding and splitting funk, a collection of swinging samples of sensory overload, a drone quartet of voices and generators, a sine wave as a monad, a quest for outlandish harmonics, atonal piano pieces inspired by literature, J-pop born at the extreme of self-referentiality, and a dazzling array of other works.

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