Hypnos - Set Fire To The Sky


Set Fire To The Sky

Release date: November 09, 2018
Format: LP Album
Hypnos blast off with their new album Set Fire To The Sky. A more high flying and dynamic album that hits Mach 3 on the band's career. Nine loud rock tracks that hold a playful and vigorous vibe. On their third album, Hypnos have refined their sound together with producer Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Primordial, Honeymoon Disease). Stronger songwriting, catchier hooks, together with a groovy rhythm section makes Set Fire To The Sky Hypnos strongest album to this day. Hypnos are establishing their sound. It´s clear that Set Fire To The Sky is the launchpad for the bands future. The new album is released on The Sign Records on the 19th of October. It´s hard to mistake the Gothenburg based band's Swedish roots. The intensity of their approach to music, and how their influences are cherry-picked out of the best of rock history. The pumping bass and epic solos side by side with Linus Johansson's powerful vocals creates a modern take on classic rock in 2018. The songs were written during the short time frame of two months and show a re-born band on fire. There is both the raw energy that comes with something new and the wisdom from an experienced band on the album. Set Fire To The Sky was recorded during nine days at Studio Ganymeden.

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09 November 2018 / More records

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