House of Harm Playground (Violet / White Marble)

Release date:
December 8, 2023
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The new record builds and expands upon the three-piece's enthralling shadow-pop sound, a mix of midnight atmospherics, 90s era jangle pop, and contagious synth drenched hooks that further elevate the transcendent vocals of lead singer Michael Rocheford. Rounded out by Cooper Leardi (guitar / synths) and Tyler Kershaw (guitar / synth), House of Harm have amassed an impressive following as something of a best kept secret among their growing fanbase, leading to sold out shows on both coasts by the power of word of mouth alone. The journey of their new album Playground saw House of Harm stay true to that ethos. The band painstakingly narrowed the record down to an efficient 10 tracks that they felt made the most sense, both standing on their own as well as fitting into an LP that built a cohesive world for the listener to get lost in. The album's name also reflects the experimentation and happy accidents that came about during the writing and recording process. On "The Face of Grace" they set out to explore different dynamics by writing a song entirely without drums, but couldn't help themselves from putting emphasis on the song's 6/8 waltz time signature. "Two Kinds" is another first for House Of Harm in that it's predominantly driven by acoustic guitar. That aforementioned vulnerability shows up in other areas of the songwriting process as well with "Two Kinds", one of their most revealing songs to date from a lyrical standpoint, written from a place of reflection and weakness and tackling feelings uneasy to be put on display for public consumption. Taken as a whole, the end result is an album representing a collection of the band's most raw and expressive songs yet.

  • 1. Before the Line
  • 2. To Last
  • 3. Roseglass
  • 4. The Face of Grace
  • 5. Soaked in Pastel
  • 6. Two Kinds
  • 7. Endlessly
  • 8. Ignore the Taste
  • 9. Moving on
  • 10. Place It Back

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