Horseburner Voice Of Storms

Release date:
June 21, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Horseburner blasted onto the scene amid comparisons to Mastodon and Baroness, with an iteration of high-energy sludge metal that sprung from their Appalachian industrial background and elevated conceptual themes. Gear-shifting from hard-charging to restrained to urgent and angular, they distinguish themselves from their stoner-psych contemporaries with staggering musicianship, deploying endless musical flexes that a lot of bands just don't have in their bags. Voice of Storms is a sludge-prog triumph of soaring, obliterating mini-epics that goes places a lot of heavy rock doesn't. Like a more brutal Torche or a more adept High on Fire, Horseburner grab you by the throat and submerge you in blistering tempos, fearless hooks and burly crush, always pushing forward and blazing into new sonic territory.

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