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Hoodoo Fushimi Saitara Funk

Release date:
June 17, 2022
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Japanese artist Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi, whose works from the 1980s have been reissued by Left Ear and discovered by the world. He recorded two old Japanese songs cover for the year 2023, 40 years after his first single 'Hakodate Lady'. Because 'Hakodate Lady' was also a cover of an old Japanese song. 'Saitara Funk' is an old work song of fishermen to celebrate the big catch of fish in Matsushima Bay area of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, Author unknown. Also 'Sekibetsu no Uta' is old Japanese masterpiece too. He said 'I always think of the people who passed away when I hear or sing this song', and played the oud in the interlude and the BiwaOud in the postlude. Excessive vocoder voices, languid rapping, and distorted synths have a mysterious atmosphere. 7' Outer Sleeve (3mm spine)https://minoruhoodoofushimi. Bandcamp. com/track/saitara-funkhttps://minoruhoodoofushimi. Bandcamp. com/track/sekibetsu-no-uta-song-of-sorrowful-partingSIDE A1. Saitara FunkSIDE B1. Sekibetsu no Uta (Song of Sorrowful Parting)

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