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Honzi - One



Release date: June 24, 2022
Label: Jet Set
S. S. W. / violinist Honzi, who worked with the Japanese band Fishmans, has released her two solo albums 'one' and 'two' on vinyl for the first time. She passed away in 2007, leaving behind some wonderful music. Analog mastered by ZAK (Buffalo Daughter, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Fishmans etc. ). This is the first album released from POLYSTAR in 1996. Her unique sound, pure and seductive whisper voice will captivate you. Black Vinyl12' Outer Sleeve (3mm spine)https://open. Spotify. com/album/0nPxaWlMeW2bbULsaDsVurSIDE A1. BIRTH 2. ORPHEUS, NO (Instrumental) 3. GATERA-GATA4. Soshuyakyoku5. PRAY TO PLANTSSIDE B1. TAKE A TRIP2. UNDERGOING MENTAL THERAPY 3. CIRCUS MIDGET PARADE (Instrumental) 4. TRANSITION (Instrumental) 5. DE LA SIESTA
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24 June 2022 / More records