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October 6, 2023
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The HOME project is a collaboration between the French jazz band Papanosh, saxophonist Roy Nathanson from Cincinnati, and New York vocalist Napoleon Maddox. Together, they have been exploring the meaning of the English word Home for years. This seemingly trivial concept becomes a profound exploration of everything related to the feeling of home, especially memories and the longing for one's homeland. Home doesn't always refer to a physical place; it can also be associated with people whose value in providing comfort and security becomes apparent when they are no longer present. The performance in Ludwigsburg showcases many stories shared with the HOME project, like the boy in Clichy-sous-Bois who referred to his foot as his home and then playfully kicked a football around the stage. Each band member contributes to the storytelling through their instruments, creating a shared musical language. The songs performed that night, such as Warm, Warm Waters, convey stories of loss, experiences, and gratitude. The project provides a rare opportunity to glimpse into gentle and open hearts and experience these narratives through a musical language.

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