Home Current The Circus Hunter

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December 2, 2022
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"Circus has always had some kind of presence in my life. My grandmother grew up within a travelling circus in Denmark many years ago and a cousin of mine reputedly ran away with another travelling circus in Ibiza for a while in the 80s. Some years ago my mother sent me a few faded black and white photos of my grandmother dressed up for performance and they are amazing. There are apparently many more photos but they've been handed to a circus museum in Denmark. Perhaps some day, if I dare to, I'll go and visit... In the meantime, I give you The Circus Hunter: The soundtrack to an 80s horror circus flick that perhaps could have been. I hope you will enjoy it's breezy upbeat fun as well as it's dark sides." Martin Jensen (The Home Current). Martin Jensen is a Danish born, Luxembourg dwelling electronic musician. He has several previous releases across several labels including Castles In Space, Polytechnic Youth, Woodford Halse.

  • 1. The Circus Hunter
  • 2. Caravan Love Zone
  • 3. The Psycho Clowns of Syracuse
  • 4. The Confession Camper
  • 5. The Trapeze Chase
  • 6. Mutilation in the Manege
  • 7. Red Sawdust
  • 8. In the Moselle
  • 9. Ludwig's Lament
  • 10. Encore!

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