Holiday Flyer - The Rainbow Confection

Holiday Flyer

The Rainbow Confection

Release date: February 14, 2019
Label: Darla Records
Format: LP Album
Limited edition vinyl LP pressing with download including 12 bonus tracks. Second album originally released 1997. First time on vinyl. Liner notes by Dave Heaton. Holiday Flyer were a Roseville, California-based indie pop band formed in June 1993 by siblings John and Katie Conley. In this incarnation, Holiday Flyer released their debut long-player, Try Not to Worry, in 1995. The band grew by one member for each of their next three records: Verna Brock (an alumna of Rocketship, Beanpole, and later the California Oranges) joined the group for 1997's The Rainbow Confection; Michael Yoas for 2000's You Make Us Go; and Jim Rivas (also of Rocketship) for the band's 2001 swansong, I Hope. Holiday Flyer disbanded in October 2002, with leaders John Conley and Katie Conley devoting more time to other projects: the California Oranges and the Sinking Ships, respectively.

  • 1. Three Times Might Be Nice
  • 2. Leaving Us Alone
  • 3. Tore Myself
  • 4. Can I Steal Your Heart Away
  • 5. Coming Back to This
  • 6. This Town
  • 7. Same
  • 8. Don't Paint Angry
  • 9. Things That Made You Blue
  • 10. How Come
  • 11. Better There Than Here
  • 12. Take Me Away
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