Holding Absence Holding Absence (Clear with Black Splatter)

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Initially formed in 2015, the self-titled debut from Cardiff, Wales band Holding Absence pulsates with passion and intensity. Comprised of ethereal soundscapes and thunderous post hardcore, the band's debut is made up of tracks like "Wilt", "Monochrome", and "Like a Shadow", songs that remain live favorites and top streaming tracks for the band to this day. Clear w/ Black Splatter LP

  • 1. Perish
  • 2. Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)
  • 3. Like a Shadow
  • 4. You Are Everything
  • 5. Marigold
  • 6. To Fall Asleep
  • 7. Monochrome
  • 8. A Godsend
  • 9. Last of the Evening Light
  • 10. Purge
  • 11. Wilt

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