Hiroki Ishiguro Koh Maiton

Release date:
February 23, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

The first vinyl reissue of Hiroki Ishiguro's masterpiece 'KOH MAITON', which has been gaining attention from diggers and collectors in recent years after being featured on the groundbreaking compilation album 'Heisei no Oto: Japanese Left-Field Pop From the CD Age (1989-1996)' from one of the most renowned label 'Music From Memory'.Hiroki Ishiguro is a Tokyo-based pianist, synthesizer player, and composer born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, who has composed and produced numerous studio and support musicians, videos, and event music.This is the first ever analog release of his second solo album, 'KOH MAITON', released in 1993, while the song 'Unity' was also picked up for the aforementioned 'Heisei No Oto' and was highly sought after in the context of the New Age revival and beyond.The album was created during a stay on Ko Mai Thon, a small island near Phuket, Thailand, and includes a total of 10 melodic and poetic songs, including 'ETERNAL', reminiscent of nostalgic video game music from the early 2000s, 'Unity', a gem of city jazz that reflects a sophisticated urban nightscape, and 'EPILOGUE', a new age fusion number with an ethereal and transparent feel that echoes the world of Ken Muramatsu's '+BLUE'.This is a must-listen album recommended to a wide range of listeners, from city pop to fusion to new age / ambient fans!!

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