Hippos Heads Are Gonna Roll

Release date:
January 12, 2024
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The Hippos draw from all sorts of influences, but they couldn't have existed any other time than in the late '90s. A band weened on New Wave that came of age during the alt-rock boom of the early '90s, the Hippos are gleeful magpies, borrowing from any post-punk pop they've ever heard. At their core, they're a ska-punk band, but they're a ska-punk band whose lives were changed by Weezer. Rentals-esque synthesizers are all over the Hippos' major-label debut.

  • 1. Lost It
  • 2. Wasting My Life
  • 3. Struggleing
  • 4. Pollution
  • 5. Thinking
  • 6. Something
  • 7. Always Something There To Remind Me
  • 8. Better Watch Your Back
  • 9. The Sand
  • 10. Paulina
  • 11. Far Behind
  • 12. All Alone
  • 13. He Said
  • 14. Paulina (Reprise)

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