Hf International Tokai Taeko Onuki Cover (City Lovers Rock Edition)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Produced in collaboration with The LASTTRAK and the DJ/Beatmaker "KH", also known for its activities in Magic Ways and a breakbeats unit by Seiki FUKUDA), and the multiplayer "Shiki Fukuda".
The Lovers Rock Cabar 7 inch from the "City", known as their Smash Hit, is finally reashed. It is still a popular item that is not uncommon to be traded at high prices. This one-of-a-kind Killer Cabar is sure to be the focus of attention now with a meticulous reproduction of Rock Steady's grooves and silky Shiho.C vocals gently hug the floor.
Furthermore, the flipside includes the Jazzy Rework by NAUTILUS band, known for URBAN DISCOS creations.
This double cider 7-inch 7-inch will be loved by many occasions.

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