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Helloween -Unarmed


Unarmed (2xLP)

Release date: September 11, 2020
Remastered 2020
Format: Double Vinyl
UNARMED (REMASTERED 2020) Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. Unarmed is the 25th Anniversary celebration album by the German power metal band Helloween. It is a compilation of re-recorded versions of Helloween songs in an acoustic/symphonic style. It includes a 70-piece Prague Symphony Orchestra performing "The Keeper's Trilogy", a 17-minute medley consisting of the songs "Halloween", "Keeper of the Seven Keys" and "The King for a 1000 Years". Many guest musicians are featured on the tracks. Gatefold Cover and with padded inner sleeves. Vinyl is transparent.
  • 1.Stein (Remastered 2020)
  • 2.Future World (Remastered 2020)
  • 3.If I Could Fly (Remastered 2020)
  • 4.Where the Rain Grows (Remastered 2020)
  • 5.The Keeper's Trilogy (Remastered 2020)
  • 6.Eagle Fly Free (Remastered 2020)
  • 7.Perfect Gentleman (Remastered 2020)
  • 8.Forever and One (Neverland) [Remastered 2020]
  • 9.I Want Out (Remastered 2020)
  • 10.Fallen to Pieces (Remastered 2020)
  • 11.A Tale That Wasn't Right (Remastered 2020)
  • 12.Why (Remastered 2020)
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11 September 2020 / More records