Heartsrevolution Ride Or Die

Release date:
July 28, 2023
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The warped chimes to Ride Or Die's introduction "Iscream Bomb" are more than just coincidence or a random idea plucked from the air. New York's Heartsrevolution - guitarist and keyboardist Ben Pollock and vocalist Leyla 'Lo' Safai - travel between tour dates in an ice cream van, every inch of it covered in Swarovski crystals, including some passed on to them from Michael Jackson's estate following his death. As well as selling merchandise and popsicles - naturally - from the "Pop He (art) Truck", it's passengers can include stuffed animals which are then hung for a project called "Street He (art)". So far there are over 2000 hanging in cities including NYC and Tokyo, which act as metaphors for childhood dreams. And it's with this edgy take on playfulness that Heartsrevolution's debut LP is presented.

  • 1. Iscream Bombs
  • 2. Ride or Die
  • 3. Kishi Kaisei
  • 4. Kiss
  • 5. Battleships
  • 6. Digital Suicide
  • 7. Kill Your Radio
  • 8. Vertigo
  • 9. Brillianteen
  • 10. Heart Vs. the Machine
  • 11. Gen Wh(Y)
  • 12. Heaven's Gate
  • 13. Final Destination
  • 14. We Out

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