He Who Walks Behind The Rows Lucky Ones Died First (Gold)

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May 5, 2023
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It's been written songs based on horror movies and books many times throughout the years but as far as I know there's been no artist who exclusively based all his/her songs on the genre. I might be wrong though but no matter what, horror is nothing that you can claim your own. There's no one who can decide what is and what is not horror or what artform that characterizes the concept. Just like with so many other things and feelings, it's individual. The first song I wrote was Children of the Corn, based on Stephen King's short story and all of you who watched your fair share of horror movies or/and read your fair share of horror novels will probably get the origin of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. If not, maybe it's time to visit the children in Gatlin, Nebraska. The fourteen songs on my album The Lucky Ones Died First are all based on horror movies that have a special place in my heart. Even though many of the movies may never get the recognition they deserve, I recommend them all. Who knows? Maybe this album will be your introduction to the glorious world of horror movies.

  • 1. Kingdom of the Spiders
  • 2. Holocaust 2000
  • 3. The Children
  • 4. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
  • 5. The Hills Have Eyes
  • 6. Homicidal
  • 7. Det Ok√§nda
  • 8. Prince of Darkness
  • 9. Female Vampire
  • 10. Eyeball
  • 11. Burial Ground
  • 12. The Grapes of Death
  • 13. Christine
  • 14. Der Todesking

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