Hazmat Modine - Hazmat Modine

Hazmat Modine

Hazmat Modine

Release date: August 10, 2018
Format: LP Album
Syle: World Music
HAZMAT MODINE draws from the rich soil of American music of the 20's and 30's through to the 50's and 60's, blending elements of early Blues and Hokum, Swing, Eastern European music, New Orleans R & B, Jamaican Rocksteady, and Rock & Roll. The band is fronted by two harmonicas, which use call and response, harmony, melody, and syncopated interweaving rhythms. The band includes tuba, guitar, trumpet, and percussion, sometimes claviola and Hawaiian steel guitar. The band's sound reflects musical influences ranging from Avant-garde Jazz to Rockabilly and Western Swing to Middle-Eastern, African, and Hawaiian musical styles. Wittily Funky Music The New York Times, 2005 Here's a welcome clash of musical assumptions: blues, reggae, klezmer, country and gypsy flourishes-pulled off by musicians with considerable chops on guitars, tuba, mouthorgan, and other assorted instruments. Further pluses: lead singer Wade Schuman's velvet-in-sand vocals and kinetic presence. VOICE CHOICE, The Village Voice

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