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Hatesphere - Reduced To Flesh


Reduced To Flesh

Release date: November 09, 2018
Format: LP Album
Syle: Rock
To honour the band's sights on old-school values and the roots that got them started 18 years ago and by this to also close the circle of a successful and productive business relationship, HateSphere and Scarlet Records decided to join forces together again for the band's 10th full-length studio album. Just like Tue Madsen being an inextricable part of the band's team since 2005 this new catcher is being recorded at Antfarm Studio again. This is what the band has to say about 'Reduced To Flesh': We were asking ourselves: 'How could we make this 10th album something special?' And we came to the conclusion not to think about it too much and simply just write songs that fell into our minds. This let us to think about what originally got us into this music, letting a lot of old school influences flow into this one. Together with the typical HateSphere thrash sound we have worked a lot with both the atmospherical side s of the songs and also incorporated a lot of death metal influences, so for us this is by far the most old school album we have done in years. It contains everything the band stands for, grooviness and brutality, but it lets every part unfold to its full extent.
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09 November 2018 / More records