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Haruka Nakamura - Reflection Eternal Tribute To Nujabes 10 Years

Haruka Nakamura

Reflection Eternal Tribute To Nujabes 10 Years

Release date: June 24, 2022
February 26, 2020, ten years after the musician Nujabes departed. At the Shibuya Scramble crossing, images in memory of him were projected on all screens, such as 'Reflection Eternal' rang. The video was the MV for 'Lamp', a collaboration with Haruka Nakamura. And in 2021. Over time, seeking Nujabes music continued to grow. Haruka Nakamura, who received a request from the label saying, 'I want you to proceed for 10 years with the time stopped' a turbulent world and cannot do tribute live, etc., since the time of shooting 'Lamp'. Visited Nujabes Studio in Kamakura and his beloved beach and took a video shoot. He returned to Nujabes' breathtaking studio and recorded the piano for 'Reflection Eternal, ' which was released as a new music video this spring, the 11th year. And at the end of this summer, it will finally be released as a 7-inch record. For the coupling, 'Latitude', which is also popular in Nujabes works, is newly recorded. The artist Gigi Machine, which was a sampling material, has a history of remixing and co-starring with Haruka Nakamura, and it is finished as a beautiful ambient work with a new piano and interpretation. The recording is Studio Camel House / Gen Tanabe.
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