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Harleighblu & Bluestaeb - She

Harleighblu & Bluestaeb

She (2xLP)

Release date: December 13, 2019
Format: Deluxe Edition
Double vinyl LP pressing. Harleighblu heard Bluestaeb's music for the first time in London's Jazz Café in 2016 and approached him to work on an album shortly after that. The multinational duo decided to search for new ways to express their common love for uncompromised hip-hop and R&B. Their debut project She achieves a distinctive sound that merges old school aesthetics with a new school attitude and organic instrumentation, progressive neo soul and beat heavy hip-hop, whilst Harleighblu's unique vocals push through the sonic boundaries of R&B. She was recorded at Manolo Purple Studio, the Berlin homebase of Bluestaeb and his longtime collaborator S. Fidelity, who recorded, executive produced and mixed the album and accompanied the artists throughout the entire creative process. The record also features Blue's Jakarta Records label mate JuJu Rogers and a variety of instrumentalists hailing from the UK, France and Germany.
  • 1. Queen Dem
  • 2. Call
  • 3. Y R U Single
  • 4. Untitled (Interlude)
  • 5. Cake
  • 6. One Rule
  • 7. Don't Go
  • 8. Son of a Feat. Juju Rogers
  • 9. Stay the Same
  • 10. Higher Than a Kite (Interlude)
  • 11. Present
  • 12. Too Young
  • 13. Kettle on
  • 14. Queen Dem (Instrumental)
  • 15. Call (Instrumental)
  • 16. Y R U Single (Instrumental)
  • 17. Untitled (Instrumental)
  • 18. Cake (Instrumental)
  • 19. One Rule (Instrumental)
  • 20. Don't Go (Instrumental)
  • 21. Son of a (Instrumental)
  • 22. Stay the Same (Instrumental)
  • 23. Higher Than a Kite (Instrumental)
  • 24. Present (Instrumental)
  • 25. Too Young (Instrumental)
  • 26. Kettle on (Instrumental)
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13 December 2019 / More records