Harikuyamaku Mystic Islands Dub

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Mysterious fusion of Okinawan traditional music & electric DubBased in Koza, Okinawa, producer/dub engineer HARIKUYAMAKU creates innovative music that combines old Okinawan folk songs with dope and psychedelic dubs. He has received high acclaim from overseas, and produced a dub-mixed album of carefully selected Okinawan folk songs from the 16-disc LP-BOX 'Okinawa Ongaku Soumen' released in 1965. A one-of-a-kind music that fuses the magical singing voice recorded about 60 years ago, the vibrations of live performances by Gintendan, and the mysterious electro sound of HARIKUYAMAKU. The liner notes were written by Hajime Oishi, who has a deep knowledge of Japanese folk songs and tribal dance music from around the world.This work has a breadth that cannot be summed up in a single phrase, 'a fusion of Okinawan folk songs and dub.' In recent years, HARIKUYAMAKU has been working on the ambiance of his ent-like idea in several songs, and depending on the song, you can hear the sound that resonates with the style of Nicola Cruz and Barrio Lindo, who reinterpret South American folklore. How can he recapture what is under his feet with modern ears and senses and connect it to new creations? This work can also be said to be a work created ahead of such an awareness of the problem. (Hajime Oishi)Track list:Side A1 Toncharma2 Chimborah3 Anigama4 MachagamaSide B1 Nisai-tohranu2 Tuisashimeh (bird stabbing dance)3 Fuenushima (southern island)4 Nachijin-myahkunii

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