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Hank Wangford - Perfect Day

Hank Wangford

Perfect Day

Release date: July 24, 2020
Hank Wangford Comes Back Home To Re-Launch Cow Pie Records With Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Release. Country and Americana legend Hank Wangford returns to his first-ever label with his first new music in ten years with his new single from the upcoming CD "Holey Holey". Listen for a strong country spirit running through both tracks. Songs of loss, separation, old friends passed on, childhood disillusion, dreams, redemption and foolishness. And above all, songs of love. In perfect Wangford spirit, the A-side-'Perfect Day'-is all about the dark clouds behind the sunshine! The unreleased B-side-'My Love For You Is Gone'-is classic country fare but with a new twist. Hank's band Lost Cowboys is on full display packed with hard-core country and rock musicians who plough a furrow between alt country, rockabilly and classic country & western. Hank wrote these songs at Rancho Wangford on the western shores of Connemara. Both tracks were produced by Hank Wangford with Roy Dodds and mixed and mastered by Mark Tucker with Matt Taylor at The Green Room. Dolly Parton said sad songs don't make you sad they carry you through life. Hank agrees with Dolly, "It's all just rocks in the road..." Hank says "Don't be fooled - these songs are full of hope."
  • 1. Perfect Day
  • 2. My Love Is Gone
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24 July 2020 / More records