Guy Van Nueten - Contact

Guy Van Nueten


Release date: December 14, 2018
Format: Gatefold
Contact is the third and final part of Flemish musician and composer Guy Van Nueten's piano trilogy 'Pacman'. With Contact, Van Nueten has come up with his most mature work to date. Through recording his compositions in one take he allowed for a unity of time and space. This is a reaction against the frequent cutting and processing that takes place during recordings, whereby original emotions become diluted and the distance between music and listener increases. 'I don't know what happened with me,' says Van Nueten, 'but with this record I've delved deep. I raised the bar higher than ever. This is the crowning glory.' By the age of 5 Guy Van Nueten learnt to play piano and he became known to a larger audience as the songwriter and keyboard player for The Sands, well known for the pop classic 'April & June'. Van Nueten subsequently became a session- and live musician for the cream of the Belgian rock scene, with bands such as dEUS, Daan, Zita Swoon and countless others. His compositions, influenced by Bach, minimal music, pop and electronic music, combine a feel for lyricism and humour with an irrepressible urge for purity.

  • 1. Isomorfie NR.3 / I. Middeleeuws Voorspel / II. Afrikaans Allegro / III. Middeleeuws Naspel
  • 2. Hulde Aan Dimitri
  • 3. The Night / I. Finis Mundi / II. Weeping Song
  • 4. Dolor y Pasion
  • 5. Mijnheer X
  • 6. Wals Met Briljanten / I. Rubato / II. Allegro Vivace / III. Allegretto / IV. Vivace 'Fraise Sauvage'
  • 7. Contact I. Contact II. Largo / III. Sudden and Unexpected Return of the Pacman / IV. More Contact
  • 8. Lento Pacifico
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14 December 2018 / More records

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