Guru Guru Incredible World Of Guru Guru

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March 22, 2024
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Guru Guru are back with a brand new studio album. GURU GURU have been an institution for over five decades. Forerunners of Krautrock, the group, founded in 1968 by drummer, singer and visionary Mani Neumeier, have been breaking boundaries since the beginning, fusing free jazz with rock'n'roll, experimenting with Indian, Southeast Asian and African rhythms and styles, to create their own brand of psychedelic cosmic rock, inspiring musicians and audiences the world over, especially in the United States and Japan. Despite countless line-up changes, and more than a half century since their formation, today GURU GURU are as alive and active as ever, playing around 40 live shows every year. Far from being tired or showing signs of mellowing with age, their live shows are still experiences where the band know how to surprise their audiences. Of course, GURU GURU's classic "Elektrolurch" is still a setlist staple, performed by Mani Neumeier in a newt costume. While 'Back To The Roots,' with it's rock/prog'n'roll sound, is self-explanatory, the band have added new musical elements to the song 'Guru Guru's In Da Haus,' experimenting with hiphop rhythms. The oblique 'Hold The Jelly' features the God Of Hellfire Arthur Brown as guest vocalist, with electro-dance influences. GURU GURU are still breaking boundaries, and are still very up to date, or even a bit ahead of their time. The album's opening song, "Free Krautrock!" says it all, because the band still stands for everything that experimenting with different styles has to offer. 180gm vinyl Gatefold sleeve with insert.

  • 1. Free Krautrock
  • 2. Freedom
  • 3. Back to the Roots
  • 4. Life's a Gamble
  • 5. Woke
  • 6. Hold the Jelly (Feat. Arthur Brown)
  • 7. Guru Guru's in Da Haus
  • 8. Wilma
  • 9. I'm Sorry
  • 10. Elektrolurch Mutation

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