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June 28, 2024
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Building on forty years years of GBV history, the majestic and triumphant Strut Of Kings is the forty-first album by indie rock royalty Guided by Voices. Largely recorded in Kings County, New York (Brooklyn), the album is perhaps a gesture towards the malevolent "kings" on the world stage. As the "Serene King" waltzes across the battlefield, Emperor Pollard evokes castles, King Kong and strutting roosters, a surreal yet regal journey.

  • 1. Show Me the Castle
  • 2. Dear Onion
  • 3. This Will Go on
  • 4. Fictional Environment Dream
  • 5. Olympus Cock in Radiana
  • 6. Leaving Umbrella
  • 7. Cavemen Running Naked
  • 8. Timing Voice
  • 9. Bit of a Crunch
  • 10. Serene King
  • 11. Bicycle Garden

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